Gap Year India Education Programs


The objective of this Gap year India Education (GIE) Program is to introduce its participants to learn about the history, culture, religions, traditional arts, philosophy, literature, biodiversity, economy and technology of India and its associated social issues.

Through the incorporated field study, research, travel, adventure and volunteer works, participants will explore this incredibly vast country that is mysterious to the western world to learn about its cultural wealth, ethnic and language diversity, the changing landscapes, biodiversity, agriculture, religious practices, globalization and the vast differences between the rich and poor to examine how this part of the world is united in diversity while finding its place in international business and politics.

Our Gap year program powered by IISAC (International Institute for Scientific and Academic Collaboration Inc) is a 501c (3) non- profit organization registered in New Jersey, USA for promoting cultural understanding, international education, faculty-led programs, experiential learning, youth enrichment activities and international research for moulding a generation of students who will be successful in the liberalized 21st century global society.

At the end of the program participants return home as global citizens with self awareness, understanding and appreciation!

Program Director: Prof. Dr. Sunny Luke

Program Cost: As a veteran in the Educational Exchange sector IISAC understands your needs and priorities as students and independent world explorers so our programs can be customised as per your budget.

Contact : Celine Charath, Program Manager,
India +91 9495664963, USA 973 699 2550, 973 699 2550

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